Pony trekking

Ride of the smugglers

Stage from Itxassou (col des veaux) to Sare

Duration 5h - Distance 24km - Elevation +629m / -1050m

Download the stage Itxassou to Sare (in french)

Stage from Sare to Biriatou

Duration 4h - Distance 21km - Elevation +595m / -614m

Download the stage from Sare to Biriatou (in french)

Riding school Olhaldea

Le centre équestre propose  des promenades d'1h30 à la journée sur le territoire de Xareta (Sare, Zugarramurdi, Urdazubi, Ainhoa) ou des voyages à cheval de 2 à 4 jours avec intendance prestation qualité : désert des Bardenas et Fêtes de Pampelune en Navarre, Forêt d'Irati, Aragon médieval...
Label Cheval Qualité.

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Hiking guides

Different level hiking circuits

Visit the paths around Sare and the neighbouring villages to discover the Basque Country’s beautiful mountains.

 Two guides are available:

Available on order (+ € 4 postage) and at the Tourist Information Centre.

We will send you the hiking guide by mail as soon as we receive your order form and cheque.

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Hiking in Sare

SARE hiking guide

To discover all the village’s marked paths, this guide offers you:

8 hikes, between 3 and 4 hours

3 mountain bike trails

Price: 5 € 

From the river to the coast

From the Nive to the Basque Coast Hiking Guide

To find out about all the signposted walks in our area within a radius of 20km, this guide provides:

60 walks and hikes between 1 and 8 hours, including 5 walks in SARE

Price: € 4

Useful recommendations

  • Weather forecast: 32 50
  • European SOS call: 112

Wear good shoes, and don’t forget warm clothing and a raincoat, a hat and water.

Bring a bag to put your waste in.

Respect plant and wildlife.

Be careful! Some circuits are to be avoided at certain times of the year:

  • During the hunting season (October & November)
  • When the fields are burnt (December to March)